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These 4 Trends are Shaping the Future of Your Job28th May 2019

Whether you’re an optimist pointing to predictions of job creation or you’ve been worrying that a robot might be after your job, one thing is for certain. The world of work is going thr Read more... >

From Jobs to Superjobs29th April 2019

​As organisations embrace and adopt robotics and AI, they’re finding that virtually every job can be redesigned - creating new categories of work, including hybrid jobs and “superjobs Read more... >

Forces of change - The Future of Work20th March 2019

Two powerful forces are shaping our workforces and workplaces: the growing adoption of artificial intelligence in the workplace and the expansion of the workforce to include both on- and off-balanc Read more... >

Three Trends On The Future Of Work14th December 2018

Our jobs will change during our lifetime, what will you do to prepare for it? Over the next twenty years, we are likely to witness some of the most significant disruptions to the workforce and Read more... >

Top 10 Workplace Trends of 201828th November 2018

Changes in the economy, as well as the frequent changes in government regulations and HR laws, can often send employers scrambling to adjust. It can become frustrating and oftentimes overwhelming t Read more... >

Hiring in the Digital Age: 3 Modern Recruitment Trends to Adopt26th October 2018

A decade ago, you probably wouldn't have thought that your speaker could deliver dad jokes on command. You probably wouldn't have expected to see ads on your social media apps for that prod Read more... >

The Future of Work: Ten digital workplace trends21st September 2018

The way we work is changing. Beverly Lerch takes a look at how. As technology expands, it would only make sense that there will be changes in all areas of technology, especially the digital wor Read more... >

The Future Of Work: Flexible Work Arrangements17th August 2018

Imagine a conference room with shiny chrome surfaces, blue couches and tall windows showing the tops of skyscrapers and the Hudson River in the distance. It is 8:30 a.m. in this consulting firm and Read more... >

Curators of the New Business Landscape25th July 2018

The future of work is a highly anticipated area of evolution within HR, which everyone either has an opinion on or is eagerly awaiting the discovery of the next big development. Artificial intellig Read more... >

Amazon’s Alexa – Your next Chief Talent Officer?13th June 2018

Digital recruitment – think Monster and LinkedIn – is routine today. But what if a voice-powered AI assistant like Amazon’s Alexa could find the best candidate for a critical role Read more... >

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