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Resilience & Wellbeing Workshops21st September 2018

We live in a highly structured society which prepares us for continuity, stability and permanency.

However, things do change and change is a fact of life.

We move through life from one stage to another and we face constant transition and change. We make new friendships and leave others behind, one door closes and another opens.

Recognise and manage your own feelings as you deal with your changes as these are normal.

As the key to successfully managing change is taking control of how we respond to it and how we make it work for you.

We here at Career Partners International understand the change in a practical and realistic way. We understand change and how people will be affected by it.

As the Change Partner to many of the top 100 organisations in New Zealand. We are repeatedly trusted to move their people through their change successfully.

The Career Partners Resiliency & Wellbeing Workshops are highly engaging and creative programmes designed to provide participants with both the knowledge and tools to effectively build Resiliency and to cope with the stressors that naturally arise during the change.

The key to successfully managing change is to manage how individuals respond to it and equip them with the Skills, Tools and our Reframing Methodology to make it work for them.

Our Tools transform lives, not only in the organisational context but in the participant’s everyday stressors of life

Our Resiliency & Wellbeing Workshop provides the Toolkit to Reframe, Manage and move through change in a way that promotes development and personal growth.


For details and an outline of the Workshop please contact:

Megan Rorich
Project Solutions Manager
Mobile: + 64 21 663 352

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