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Future Of Work – Over 50’s 17th August 2018

Our world-leading New Horizons Programme enables your organization to utilize the talent of your over 50’s workers by providing a high-value programme that builds Career Options for them.

It’s not about Retirement – it’s about Career Pathways for your over 50’s!!!!

• People spend more time on planning holidays than Retirement!!!
• For every young person entering the market - there are 7 workers aged 45+
• Life expectancy is increasing - on average we are living almost 20 years longer than in 1920
• More than 65% of Baby Boomers are interested in flexible Career Pathways to Retirement
• 47% of people want to continue to work in some capacity beyond the age of 65
• Retirees can expect to live 30-40 years in retirement



  • LifeOptions - this is an online assessment that provides holistic insights of the next 20 to 30 years for each participant about what the participant values as well as the career and lifestyle options that are best suited to them


  • Access to our New Horizons - 24x7 Online Portal Access


  • The participant works with an accredited Career Partner Coach to analyse their LifeOptions profile

  • Builds a Career Pathway and Life Plan that meets their career goals and their lifestyle requirements

  • Engages with the organization to begin a conversation on how to implement their Career Pathways and remain a highly valued contributor within the organization.

Protect your Workforce Intellectual Property and ensure the diversity of your talent by starting a conversation with your over 50’s about their future aspirations!!!!!

Please contact Andy for further information on the programme:
Andy McCormack | National Business Director
DDI: 09 215 2437 | Mob: 021 537 649 | Email: | our website:


Cover Source: Flex Jobs

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