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Finding The Brightest Stars23rd August 2017

Across all of our businesses we are seeing the market move up into another gear. And this will accelerate over the next 12 months!!!!

In a growing market it is the quality and skills of your people as well as their ability to deliver results that will be a critical determinant of how successful you will be.
Simply put – the organisations with the best people will have a significant Competitive Advantage.

For over 26 years Management Search International has been Finding The Brightest Stars and creating Competitive Advantage for our clients.

We have been selected as a World Recruitment Best Practice, bought the Lominger Talent Architect to New Zealand and built the first Online Recruitment Manager in the country.

Today our TalentSmart methodology is at the core of our Discovery & Scoping and enables us to build Search Profiles that  guarantee we find the hard to find and high performing Talent – in New Zealand and globally.

And our Talent Navigator profiling enables you to see the alignment at every level between the candidates and your organisation.

If you want to build your Competitive Advantage with high performing talent please call – Terry on 09 215 2993 or email us at –

Experts in Finding the Hard to Find Talent that Delivers Results

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