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Building Capability & Performance 10th November 2017

Services Offered by us:

Career Transition & Outplacement
• CareerSmart Transition Programmes
• One-to-One Coaching
• Workshops (CV's, IV's)
• On Demand Career Assistance

Delivering Performance
• Vision to Action Planning
• On-Boarding Coaching (first 3 months)
• Knowledge Transfer Programmes

Career Management
• Life Options Assessments
• Career GPS Programmes
• Strategic Executive Coaching

Search & Recruitment
• Sourcing Intelligence
• Shoulder Tapping
• Head Hunting/Search

Re-Engaging Teams
• Talent Navigator Pathways
• Re-Engagement Coaching Programmes
• Re-Engagement Pathways Workshops

Business Transformation
• Navigating Change Programmes
• Building High Performance Teams
• Fit for the Future Workshops

Building Capability
• Leadership Success Profiles
• Manager Leader Coach Programmes

Maturing Workforce
• New Horizons Retirement Coaching
• Retirement Seminars



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