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Best Practice Protects Employer Brand20th March 2019

With over thirty years of experience, Career Partners International (CPI) has repeatedly demonstrated the value of high-quality Career Transition services. CPI makes the difficult process of a Career Transition as smooth as possible for candidates and clients. Over 80% of participants working with CPI land in equal or better-paying positions than they previously held. On average our candidates land in 2.73 months!!!

These results protect the employer brand that clients have worked so hard to develop. But how can offering Career Transition services to separated employees benefit those who remain in the organisation after a reduction?

A termination or layoff can leave remaining employees questioning the security of their positions. Knowing that even in the worst-case scenario their peers are taken care of and treated with respect enables the workplace to return to normalcy. Offering separated employees Career Transition & Outplacement services keeps remaining employees focused and engaged. By providing Career Transition services organisations prove that they care about their employees, even if they are no longer with the organisation.

Remaining employees have a personal connection with those who have been separated.  Many have spent 8 plus hours a day, five days a week, for years building both personal and professional relationships with those who have lost their jobs. They care about their wellbeing and will likely stay in contact. CPI facilitates candidates landing great new opportunities. And 97% of participants report being highly satisfied with their CPI Career Transition & Outplacement experience, easing concerns of their peers. Our CPI NPS is 78 (Apple’s is 72) is a resounding testimony to our success in doing this!!!!

  For a seamless and positive Career Transition & Outplacement experience talk        to us - Protect Your Reputation. Trust Ours!!!

  Andy McCormack | National Business Director
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