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Success – How It’s Created!!! Terry McCloy | 16th December 2015

One of the most interesting conversations I have had this year was from a Business Transformation Workshop I ran with the management team of a major client who is very focused on reframing their thinking and looking at how they can become more successful.

They had each person in the whole team identify a person, team or organisation that for each team member epitomised success. And from that they identified the key drivers of success in the person, team or organisation that they had chosen.

I have worked with this team for over 2 years and I have seen their remarkable growth, their change and the momentum that they are developing together to create their own success. They are remarkable in that they confront issues and then focus on what they need to do in the next 180 days.
So this was a great exercise for them. And the result were fascinating for us all.

Guess who they selected?

Uber, Gallagher, Ralph Norris, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Air NZ and of course the All Blacks.

There were many attributes that were selected that included – doing the hard work/customisation/discipline/challenging the norm/no boundaries and strong leaders.
Interestingly this team has two strong leaders who work in harmony. They have a clear idea of what success looks like and they face reality – face on.

From the many teams I have worked with and from the individuals I have coached I have seen a common theme of the key drivers that create success – remarkable success!!!

And today in the amazingly changing world that we live in these success drivers are absolutely essential to being successful.
So what are they?

• A relentless focus on what your picture of success actually is

• Constant reframing of your thinking and constant course correction

• Hard work every day – step by relentless step

• Leadership by everyone through a commitment to who and what you are

• Challenging the norms and setting your own goals

• Relentless execution!!!!

Interestingly I read Peter Theil’s book – Zero to One recently. He agrees with my list and adds one more – Timing.

This is from the guy who helped found Paypal, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. Read his book as it is fascinating and very relevant!!!

The essential piece of wisdom I have distilled from all our work this year is that strategy is nowhere near as important as it was 10 years ago. The world is moving too quickly – changing so fast – just ask Blackberry.

A client I recently discussed this with was horrified - as he had been brought up on strategy - and has spent hours on building his company’s current strategy (which funnily enough is not working too well).

And if you look at my list above – and look on the list that we did with my client – nowhere did strategy feature!!!

The challenge for 2016 is to focus on your next 180 days and to execute them relentlessly. Put enough of these together and you will lead you market!!!
Have a wonderful, exciting, challenging and highly profitable Year of the Monkey that is relentlessly focused on Executing, Executing, Executing!!!

About the Author Terry McCloy

Terry’s success as a business leader has been his ability to think differently, anticipate trends and create the type of leadership he talks about in this article. He describes his thinking as "Innovative Reframing". It is looking at things with different perspectives and thinking about how they can be applied differently to what we do today.

His thinking has transformed Virtual Resources International into a world leading Transition, Transformation and Talent Leaders. Most recently Terry was awarded a Global Leadership Excellence Award for his outstanding work in Transition & Transformational Change.

See what you think of Terry’s ideas and let us know your thoughts….

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