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A Different Christmas Perspective14th December 2018

We are well into the throws of the festive season now and amidst the carols and Christmas parties, you can see people starting to get frazzled. The roads are chaotic, the malls feel like everyone in the country has been condensed into one building and people hectically organise their 15 Christmas lunches and obligations.

As a team we sat back this year and decided to do something a little different for Christmas, it was such a great success that we wanted to share it with you.

Instead of a big fancy lunch or an extravagant party, we decided to do something that sat a little closer to our hearts and our office values.

So, we took the money we would have spent on a party and instead used it to buy presents for Refugees arriving in New Zealand with the Red Cross.

Why the Red Cross?
Other than Terry, not a single person in our Auckland office was born in New Zealand. We are lucky, none of us came here as Refugees but we all understand what it is like to come to New Zealand and build a new life - it is hard to imagine doing it with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

What is the Red Cross Refugee Programme all about?
New Zealand takes in 1000 refugees per year escaping conflict in nearly every continent on earth. Last year New Zealand welcomed former refugees from twenty-one different countries!! Most refugees arrive here with nothing and rely on donations from the Red Cross to set up a new life in New Zealand.

As you can see in the picture above, we got gifts for children and teens aged 1-18. We hope that through our small contribution we will make the Christmas period just that little bit more special for refugee families

We are looking forward to a fantastic year next year.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year from our team across New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.

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