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A Best Practice Approach to Career TransitionTerry McCloy | 20th March 2019

There is no dictionary definition of ‘Career Transition’ as a term – but to us, it describes a modern, proactive, holistic approach to supporting people when they are impacted by organisational change of life events, at various critical stages throughout their career. This timely and relevant support enables the individual to successfully navigate any challenges and the organisation to maintain the performance and engagement of employees.

Career Transition is often used solely to describe Outplacement support for those experiencing job loss, usually through redundancy. Outplacement support is targeted and very specific support designed to help people navigate their way through a range of potential options at a time when they have been impacted by – usually unexpected – job loss. This support is extremely valuable to those who receive it.

However Best Practice Career Transition is a customised approach to supporting individuals at many stages throughout their career and may include:

- During Redeployment
- When they need to make a critical career or life decision
- Coping with additional stress and building resiliency
- Navigating change within the organisation
- Re-engaging teams after change

It should be noted that this is not entirely driven by the organisation; to be fully effective people should be guided to develop the skills that enable them to take ownership for their own career planning and decisions.

A small investment in helping people to develop these skills can ensure that, over the long term, employers benefit from a workforce that is adaptable, resilient and confident in their employability and so better equipped to cope with role, organisational or personal change.


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About the Author Terry McCloy

Terry’s success as a business leader has been his ability to think differently, anticipate trends and create the type of leadership he talks about in this article. He describes his thinking as "Innovative Reframing". It is looking at things with different perspectives and thinking about how they can be applied differently to what we do today.

His thinking has transformed Virtual Resources International into a world leading Transition, Transformation and Talent Leaders. Most recently Terry was awarded a Global Leadership Excellence Award for his outstanding work in Transition & Transformational Change.

See what you think of Terry’s ideas and let us know your thoughts….

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