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Is it possible to have a redundancy process that is compliant and compassionate?Jacki Rowles | 05th April 2018

HR redundancy processes can be both compliant and compassionate, I know this because I meet with people who are impacted by redundancy every week and not all experiences are the same. Corporate Read more... >

10 qualities that make a Great LeaderRob MacGregor | 15th February 2018

There is plenty of  discussion and debate on the topic of being a Great Leader of an organisation versus being a Great Manager.   In simple terms, Leaders Lead and Managers Manage. L Read more... >

Coach-The-Coach: Foster Coaching Culture & Enhance PerformanceAnthony Raja Devadoss | 21st December 2017

Not many people know that Steve Jobs was a legendary recruiter. He always believed in quality over quantity. Managing and building a team of “A+” players is what drove Apple to the pinn Read more... >

Leadership: The Truth about Change10th November 2017

An interview by Jasbindar Singh I am delighted to interview Hilary Potts as she launches her new book, "The Truth about Change" this week. Hilary Potts has guided executives through s Read more... >

The New Age Digital CEOs in Asia - Reimagining the Leadership ParadigmAnthony Raja Devadoss | 20th September 2017

Anyone who follows the global economic trend closely can vividly recall the robustness and ecstasy on South East Asian's 1990s economic boom. During that short interval, if we track the economi Read more... >

Purple Squirrels and Unicorns Don’t Exist23rd August 2017

If you want to move through the recruitment process – read this! If you want to find the right candidate for your job – read this! For years I have always said that my best hires we Read more... >

Career Transition in a Rapidly Transforming World11th July 2017

Thousands of bumblebees are tagged with RFID chips to study migration patterns and hive collapse rates.  Google’s self-driving cars ‘learn’ from their mistakes.  Amazon Read more... >

How to Get Motivated When You Feel Like Giving Up06th June 2017

You had this really great idea. You started on your project with great gusto but as time passes you start to feel deflated. You just are not getting the results you had been expecting. You are Read more... >

Talent Migration: Leveraging Young, Skilled and Connected Diasporas09th May 2017

A PwC global survey of more than 1,000 CEOs and business leaders reported that the biggest challenge is balancing talent retention and cost reduction. The numbers reveal that: 97% of CEOs b Read more... >

Building a Safety Culture for Improved Productivity and Competitiveness13th March 2017

Safety is an essential aspect of any high-performing culture. It is also an indicator of overall organizational performance. If you can achieve better safety outcomes, chances are you’ll also Read more... >

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