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Key takeaways from this year's HR TechFuel50 | 10th November 2017

Fuel50 featured at HR Tech alongside some of the industry’s best, it was a great meeting of minds and there were so many great insights from HR Tech this year that we would love to share our favorite soundbites with you in this handy infographic:

From Mercer, global consulting leader:

  • 93% of executives are planning an organization redesign
  • No. 1 ask from executives: “What are the key drivers of engagement in this organisation?”
  • What would make the most positive impact for employees in 2017? A workplace for “me”
  • i.e. steering my career, career path info, opportunities for promotion, recognition of my potential as well as performance in salary negotiations
  • 33% of organizations promote vertical moves for career growth and 67% are now promoting horizontal or project based career progression
  • 87% of organizations expct to have an “open” or “highly flexible” career model within the next 3-5 years
  • 90% of companies are redesigning or planning to redesign their career models in the next 3-5 years
  • Learning and Career Management software is the #1 fastest growing segment in HR Technology

From Josh Bersin, founder and Principal at Bersin by Deloitte, leading provider of research-based information, benchmarking, professional development, and advisory consulting services for strategic HR, talent management, leadership development, recruiting, and training organizations:

  • The overwhelmed worker: The average employee checks their mobile phone 150 times per day
  • 40% of the US workforce believes it’s impossible to succeed at work and have a balanced worklife
  • 22% of companies are bringing design thinking to crafting a redesigned employee experience
  • Core HRTechnology spend is slowing (41% say it flat)
  • Career, Succession, Onboarding and Analytics are currently the hottest functional needs
  • We moved from Systems of Record (1980) to Systems of Engagement (2010), now we’re entering the era of Systems of Productivity (2020)
  • The emerging Talent Management Market Map as Josh Bersin sees it (pictured below)


Fuel50 - Insights from Josh Bersin


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