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Career Transition Thinking20th March 2019

Help employees to feel in control and understand their choices during periods of change.

Restructuring, redeployment, re-organisation, downsizing, re-location, acquisition, merger and - probably the word people least want to hear - redundancy are frequently in the headlines. For the majority of people they are just yet another bad news story that elicits sympathy, but then is quickly forgotten. When you are personally affected however it's a very different matter.

Often in these scenarios, the organisation will recognise that people are in transition and would benefit from additional support but frequently this is presented as outplacement support and is too little too late. The evidence is clear from our work over many years that offering career transition support earlier in the organisational change cycle can have a big impact in areas such as morale, engagement, productivity and ultimately enables people to be better equipped to leave well.

It's well documented that most people react badly when they are impacted by change at work. Feelings of fear, anxiety, depression and even panic can quickly take hold. It's such a personal experience, no matter how large or small the change every individual is always impacted individually according to their personal circumstances, knowledge and confidence level. One of the overwhelming drivers of negativity is usually the feeling of being 'done unto' or being unable to exert any control over events.

After more than 25 years of supporting individuals through the challenges and opportunities of workplace change we know that there is very rarely a situation where people cannot exert some influence and gain some element of control. Change at work can take many forms but there are usually four main scenarios when you can provide effective Career Transition support and help your people to take actions that make a positive difference to outcomes - for the organisation and the individual.


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