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7 Ways Stress does your Mind and Body Good via Case Studies13th March 2017

Psychologist Kelly McGonigal used to demonize stress, warning patients that stress can increase the risk of a wide variety of ailments. Then, new research changed her mind. Health psychologist Read more... >

Building Resiliency22nd February 2017

Building employee resiliency through change has gained popularity. In the last two years our clients have shown increased in interest in running Resiliency Programmes.  As organisations get mo Read more... >

Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 201709th January 2017

Here are the top 10 predictions of 2017 according to Nostradmus: 10. Russia & Ukraine Will Sign a Peace Agreement According to Nostradamus, 2017 will be the year Russia & the Ukrain Read more... >

Bust the Holiday Job Search Myth: Career Partners International’s Brian Hinchcliffe Shares the Facts12th December 2016

Bust the Holiday Job Search Myth: Career Partners International’s Brian Hinchcliffe Shares the Facts Job seekers hear an array of stories about job seeking through the holidays, many of w Read more... >

The Art Of Business Networking Without Expecting A Business Deal14th November 2016

Networking can be a powerful way of generating new business. Armed with a well-planned strategy, entrepreneurs and business owners, descend on networking events, working the room with clear busines Read more... >

Daniel Seddiqui - Living the Map10th October 2016

What The 'Most Rejected Person In The World' Can Teach About Triumph And Creating Work We Love As a career coach, I work with thousands of people a year who are totally lost as to what Read more... >

Michael Mankins: Time, Talent and Energy12th September 2016

In an era when capital is superabundant, time, talent and energy are the critically scarce resources for companies. Michael Mankins, a partner with Bain's Organization practice, discusses how c Read more... >

Millennials and the "Two Year Itch"15th July 2016

Millennials and the ‘2 Year Itch’ Okay, so we know about the ‘7 year itch’ long talked of for marriage, but what is happening with millennials and their commitment t Read more... >

Alvin Toffler - The Guru05th July 2016

Afflin Toffler- THE GURU   Futurologist Alvin Toffler captivated millions worldwide with his profound forecasts on everything from the rise of the internet to a new wave of drugs and c Read more... >

Do extravagant offices really create more engaged employees?03rd June 2016

Imagine you open a door and the first thing you see is something zooming past on a scooter. As you look around, you see huge pieces of soft furnishing in bright colours, with people spread out with Read more... >

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