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The Business Case for Outplacement28th May 2019

In today’s business environment, change is inevitable and can result in some tough choices. Redundancy and redeployment can be a challenging and emotive time for the organisation, the team wh Read more... >

The Employee Experience: It’s Trickier (and more important) Than You Thought29th April 2019

I just finished a week of meetings discussing HR Technology and the Employee Experience and I want to give you some thoughts. This topic is enormously important, and it’s actually harder than Read more... >

Career Transition Thinking20th March 2019

Help employees to feel in control and understand their choices during periods of change. Restructuring, redeployment, re-organisation, downsizing, re-location, acquisition, merger and - probabl Read more... >

Recommended for your summer reading, watching and listening!!14th December 2018

With the summer holiday stretching ahead, it is almost time to start planning all the books, movies and Netflix shows you can fit in between the beach visits, BBQs and Christmas dinners.  Read more... >

The Modern Guide to a Career Transition28th November 2018

Change can be a good thing! Looking to transition to a new career? You’re not alone. A growing number of people, especially millennials, are jumping into new careers. But that doesn&rsquo Read more... >

3 Ways to Steer the Right Creative Talent Toward Your Business26th October 2018

The landscape of opportunity for creatives is growing. Advertising agencies are no longer the only employment option for those looking for full-time work, and career prospects have never been brigh Read more... >

Organisational Resilience: Surfing Through Turbulent Times21st September 2018

What is resilience and how does an organisation develop it? Steven Moe talks to Dr John Vargo, co-leader of Resilient Organisations, a research and consulting group, about what the term actually me Read more... >

If your Business Isn't Doing These 5 Things, Then Your Leadership Training is a Waste of Money17th August 2018

Throughout my career, I must have attended at least a dozen leadership programs whose goal was to help foster leadership skills growth within the organization. Now while many of these were fun, and Read more... >

Career Transition Participants Thrive With High-Touch Coaching25th July 2018

Career Partners International (CPI) is pleased to announce phenomenal outplacement participant satisfaction continues into 2018. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +78, CPI proves that a high touch Read more... >

How to Be the No. 1 Reason People Want to Work for Your Company13th June 2018

One day in 1978, Intel CEO and co-founder Andy Grove took a call from an executive at Silicon Valley pioneer Varian Associates. Ram Charan, the veteran CEO adviser, was sitting in Grove's offic Read more... >

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