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What I Learned About Career Pivots From Being Laid Off (Three Times!)28th May 2019

There’s no such thing as a job for life anymore. You're not even guaranteed that the type of job you pursue at the start of your career will exist later on. I should know. I came up i Read more... >

Putting Your People First - For A Successful FutureAnthony Raja Devadoss | 29th April 2019

Not many people know that Steve Jobs was a legendary recruiter. He always believed in quality over quantity. Managing and building a team of “A+” players drove Apple to the pinnacle of Read more... >

A Best Practice Approach to Career TransitionTerry McCloy | 20th March 2019

There is no dictionary definition of ‘Career Transition’ as a term – but to us, it describes a modern, proactive, holistic approach to supporting people when they are impacted by Read more... >

A Different Christmas Perspective14th December 2018

We are well into the throws of the festive season now and amidst the carols and Christmas parties, you can see people starting to get frazzled. The roads are chaotic, the malls feel like everyone i Read more... >

Change in Career - It's Never Too LateEugene Lane-Mullins | 28th November 2018

Let's not lie to each other here - we've all thought about it. We've pondered, searched, peeked about in the dark, yet most of us remain quiet and remain stagnant at the insecurity of v Read more... >

A Secret Recipe for Hiring Top PerformersLou Adler | 26th October 2018

My first search project (40 years ago) was for a plant manager for an automotive manufacturing company. Rather than listing a bunch of the skills and experience prerequisites, I suggested to the co Read more... >

Resilience: Option A For When Life Inevitably Throws Option B at YouArianna Huffington | 21st September 2018

We are, as we often hear, living in an age of transition. All over the world, there are massive changes that are shaking up millions of lives and virtually every industry. And not surprisingly, the Read more... >

Leadership: How to Build Trust in Your Teams and RelationshipsJasbindar Singh | 17th August 2018

Trust is the lifeblood of all relationship – business or personal.  It is the foundation of all mutually satisfying and sustainable long-term relationships. More than just a concept, it Read more... >

Surviving Change - Optimizing Resiliency Anthony Raja Devadoss | 25th July 2018

"Change is the law of life. Those who took only to past or present are certain to miss the future" - John F. Kennedy Change is inevitable. Rapid globalization and new multinational co Read more... >

Talent. For What?Anne Fulton | 13th June 2018

Redefining talent for the 22nd century There’s been a lot of talk about Talent recently. How to find it, how to manage it, and, perhaps most critically, how to retain it. Of course, s Read more... >

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