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Taking Dining to the Extreme16th December 2015

10 most extreme restaurants around the world

You can eat anywhere on your vacation, but these 10 places take dining to an extreme you never thought possible.

If you find yourself lucky enough to venture and explore the world, make dining at one-of-a-kind restaurants a priority. Be extreme about it! By extreme, we mean extreme ideas for constructing, and location, and basically anything but traditional. These extreme restaurants won’t be overly accessed by the masses. Only the lovers of life and travel seek out these spots. Grab your appetite, and prepare to be extremely wowed!

1. Redwoods Treehouse – Auckland, New Zealand

The Redwoods Treehouse is literally constructed way up in the beautiful redwoods inAuckland! The concept behind the Treehouse was at first a promotional one after being completed in just 66 days. It was only open for a short time to the public, and now is exclusively open for private parties, hired events and dinners. The construction was done all the way up in a tree, and at 40 meters high you find yourself dining on top of anything you’ve experienced before. With all the new ways to dine, this one is for sure to sit high.

2. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Alifu Dhaalu Atoll, Maldives

Hold your breath, this dining experience is literally underwater while you dine! This extreme restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island was rated “the most beautiful restaurant in the world” and offers the calmness of the blue ocean. Modern building has taken us to a new magical place, where you can dine with the fish in the sea. Ithaa sits five meters below the surface, with 180-degree panoramic views of the amazing coral gardens in every corner. The restaurant pairs well with the islands activities and a rare vibrancy. Book your next party or lunch underwater!

3. Alpino Vino – Telluride, Colorado

For the braggers and snow goers alike, make sure you hit the highest restaurant in the U.S. when at the Alpino Vino, in beautiful Telluride, Colorado. Located on the mountain, it lends itself to everything you want in fine dining – delicious delicacies make up most of the menu, great wine list, and at the mark of being the highest elevation fine-dining restaurant in North America! At 11,966 feet, it is truly remarkable. If you have a fear of heights, this may not be the place for you.

4. Ristorante Grotta Palazzese – Puglia, Italy

For the geology enthusiast, Ristorante Grotta Palazzese in Puglia, Italy, is built completely into the limestone cliff, so you dine right on top of the cool waves crashing just below you. Facing the Adriatic Sea, the restaurant is nicely tucked within the rock cavern, done with remarkable craftsmanship and lighting, it’s truly an extreme place to build a restaurant. It is one of a kind beautiful. The menu marvels some extremely tasty seafood, fresh and local every time.

5. Le Panoramic – Chamonix, France

For an extreme view while you have a beer and a snack between activities in Chamonix, France, add this spot to your list. The Alps truly will blow your mind with this view of them, and the panoramic themed architecture lends itself to taking your breath away. Bundle up and sit on the deck, for the best seat in the house, and enjoy what nature and the chefs have to offer.

6. Siroco – Bangkok, Thailand

Siroco is the highest outside dining experience in Southeast Asia. Talk about extreme dining! Located in Bangkok, Thailand, you can see the river and roads bend and stretch for miles, the lights carry as far you can see, and being the tallest building, you truly dwarf any other building that you thought was tall. It’s a must see and offers both inside and outside seating in case the height is an issue! The menu is extremely delicious and has traditional as well as western favorites to enjoy.

7. Labassin Waterfalls Restaurant – San Pablo City, Philippines

When the climate tosses in super-hot weather with humidity, I am all for places likeLabassin Waterfalls Restaurant at Villa Escudero. The crystal clear water and bamboo tables make you feel like you’re truly a part of your surroundings in a really fun tropical way. The waterfall will keep you cool, and you can even dip your feet in the water while you dine!

8. The Rock – Zanzibar, Tanzania

For the pasta and seafood lovers it is The Rock, which is seriously awesome. Located in Tanzania, The Rock offers an amazing menu way out in the middle of the water. The restaurant is truly authentic and refreshing. The space is efficient, but to be this remote, who cares? You have to do some serious snorkeling after, too.

9. Fangweng Restaurant – Yichang, China

The view of the gorge and the caves are amazing attributes to dining at Fangweng Restaurant in Yichang, China. The lighting is beautiful and if you can go during the day you will beat the crowds. If you go during the night you get the beautiful lighting and ambiance that comes with evening time in such an amazing and breathtaking part of the world. This is extreme construction!

10. Dinner in the Sky – Several major cities

For those who really want extreme, then dinner in the sky is the experience worth attending. Theoretically able to go anywhere in the world, Dinner in the Sky, suspends you in the air via crane. Take you and your guests higher in the literal sense than any dinner date you’ve ever had. Cities like Las Vegas, Paris, and over 40 countries allow this meal in the clouds. Take your friends and family up for a fun dinner experience, or some buddies for a poker game, a business meeting… whatever! Dinner in the Sky doesn’t stop at dinner, there are more ways to play up there too!


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