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Self-Driving Cars; No Longer a Thing of the Future with Tesla11th June 2015

Car companies have been conducting research and development on autonomous (self driving) cars since the 1920’s.

It was not until the 1980’s that autonomous cars had the first truly autonomous working prototypes.

Now what was a thing of the future has become reality as high end electric car manufacturer Tesla announces the Model S Sedans which are scheduled to be released as soon as next month will have an autopilot feature that allows the cars the ability to drive themselves, hands-free.

Tesla spokesman Alexis Georgeson, has clarified that the cars are compliant with the current driving regulations in the US and that the system was designed for the comfort and support of an alert driver so that the driver can fully concentrate on the road. Click here for more info.

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Other car manufactures are also working towards autonomous vehicles also.
The classic American Chevrolet under the General Motors Company (GM) has been collaborating with SAIC Motors in China developing the affordable autonomous family sedan in as a possible solution to the traffic congestion in China and other developing countries.
The Chevrolet FNR (which stands for Find New Roads) will hopefully be suitable for the mass market by 2030. GM predicts that the self driving technologies in 2030 will be more common and less costly thus the FNR is reasonable enough for a real world family car. Click here for more info. 




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