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Google Creates Wearable Electronics07th July 2015

Have you ever thought that your clothes or even your furniture could be the touchpad for your electronics where you can pat your shirt and music starts playing or if you tap the arm rest of your couch and your TV turns on? Google is making this possible.

The new innovative ‘Project Jacquard’ will make textiles interactive through weaving highly conductive yarn.

This highly conductive yarn, according to Google, is made by the combination of thin metallic alloys with natural and synthetic materials such as cotton and polyester which is said to be impossible to differentiate with the traditional yarn textiles are made from.

What that would do ultimately is to have a large surface that is conductive to your touch and gestures and tiny circuits the size of a button can be connected with this type of yarn making a mini computer that transmits the data of your touch or gesture through to mobile phones or a vast variety of electronics.

To find out more about Project Jacquard please watch the video above or click here

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