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Google’s A.I Wants to Count Calories Using Photos of Food07th August 2015

With the existence of instagram, more and more smartphone users are taking photos of their food. Google is developing a new artificial intelligence software that will allow fellow gastronomes and food photographers to be able to track their daily calorie intake using their photos.

Project Im2Calories hope to make this possible by using sophisticated deep learning algorithms to analyse the still photographs of the food and give an estimate of how many calories the food may contain. How they would do this is the system will analyse the image counting how many eggs or pieces of bacon and the size of each piece of food in relation to the size of the plate then give an estimated number of calories that the user is consuming in that meal.

The idea behind this app is purely for people to keep a food diary that is simple and easy to work and not worry about jotting the exact servings and nutritional facts in the existing apps available today. This “learning” application is expected to collect data over time in order to make it more accurate from the corrections people make in the drop down menu if the system recognises a poached egg instead of a fried one.

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