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Eye Drops to Cure Cataracts28th August 2015

Cataracts affects millions of people worldwide. Presently the only treatment for this is surgery using lasers or scalpels to cut away the build-up as cataracts form and develop. But recently, a Read more... >

Google’s A.I Wants to Count Calories Using Photos of Food07th August 2015

With the existence of instagram, more and more smartphone users are taking photos of their food. Google is developing a new artificial intelligence software that will allow fellow gastronomes and f Read more... >

Google Creates Wearable Electronics07th July 2015

Have you ever thought that your clothes or even your furniture could be the touchpad for your electronics where you can pat your shirt and music starts playing or if you tap the arm rest of your co Read more... >

Self-Driving Cars; No Longer a Thing of the Future with Tesla11th June 2015

Car companies have been conducting research and development on autonomous (self driving) cars since the 1920’s. It was not until the 1980’s that autonomous cars had the first truly Read more... >

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