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Smartwatches and Smarter Employees: How can New Zealand offices apply wearable technology? 03rd June 2016

Fashion and technology have always had strong parallels. For every group of tech-savvy fans lining up to buy the latest gadget revealed at a big tech show, there is a collection of fashionable coho Read more... >

Your 101101 guide to Big Data and the questions you were afraid to ask21st April 2016

Along with cloud computing and the Internet of Things, Big Data is technological concept that has been hotly discussed by thought leaders, managers and IT nerds alike over the past few years. D Read more... >

Google’s AI wins fifth and final game against go genius Lee Sedol 22nd March 2016

In the final game of their historic match, Google’s artificially intelligent Go-playing computer system has defeated Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol, finishing the best-of-five series with four Read more... >

Inhalable cocktails 12th February 2016

A Chicago bar owner has invented a way to get people drunk off inhaled alcohol, and the device, called the Vaportini, is actually legal and for sale on the Internet. According to The Huffington Read more... >

Taking Dining to the Extreme16th December 2015

10 most extreme restaurants around the world You can eat anywhere on your vacation, but these 10 places take dining to an extreme you never thought possible. If you find yourself lucky enou Read more... >

New fingerprint technique can reveal whether you’re male or female02nd December 2015

Long before TV shows like CSI made us aware of high-tech forensic techniques at crime scenes, pretty much everybody already had some basic familiarity with the concept of fingerprinting, an identif Read more... >

Scientists have found a way to 3D-print embryonic stem cell 'building blocks'12th November 2015

Kinda like human tissue Legos. By Signe Dean   Pluripotent cells are great, but they can be difficult to steer into growing the way you want. Now scientists have found a new way to Read more... >

Should A Self-Driving Car Kill Its Passengers In A “Greater Good” Scenario?06th November 2015

Picture the scene: You’re in a self-driving car and, after turning a corner, find that you are on course for an unavoidable collision with a group of 10 people in the road with walls on eithe Read more... >

Quantum Dots: The Future of Solar Panel Windows23rd October 2015

Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Milano-Bicocca have designed and synthesized a new generation of quantum dots for use in solar energy systems that overcome pre Read more... >

Allow me to introduce you to your future self...Debbie Schultz | 23rd September 2015

How would it feel to meet your future self? The one that’s achieved all the lofty career goals you set for yourself on New Year’s Eve, the one that’s completed an MBA, got a promo Read more... >

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