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The Future of Money11th May 2018

The Future of Money, the newest report from The Innovation Group, explores how finance and banking are being redefined. The past 12 months have been a watershed for the way people use money, and fo Read more... >

How AI is Changing the Game for Recruiting05th April 2018

While it might seem ironic, artificial intelligence and machine learning are well on the way to lending a helping hand when it comes to solving the problems of human capital management. Recruiting Read more... >

10 ideas to shake up the world in 201815th February 2018

1. Electric roads Fifty years ago the Beach Boys had a hit with Good Vibrations. Now Los Angeles, home city of the superstar group, is trying to figure ways to turn its immense traffic burden i Read more... >

How 'super vision' will change the way we see the world21st December 2017

Computers are getting better at recognising faces and shapes and making connections between images, heralding a new age of visual search that could transform the way we interact with the world arou Read more... >

Blockchain Technology10th November 2017

What is blockchain? Blockchain is a technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It helps a group of computers maintain an auditable ledger of transaction history on anything and pr Read more... >

Trends and Change in 201720th September 2017

The Innovation Group has launched their annual forecast of consumer trends to watch during 2017, The Future 100: Trends and Change to Watch in 2017, a report on the 100 consumer trends you need to Read more... >

The coming biometrics revolution in retail23rd August 2017

Will 2017 be the year for the widespread use of biometrics in the retail industry? We asked a pair of experts. We spoke to Tristan Bailey, managing director of New Zealand-owned and operated se Read more... >

What's next for Block Chain?11th July 2017

Blockchain finally penetrated the mainstream consciousness in 2016, moving away from its reputation simply as the technology behind Bitcoin and cementing itself as its own, incredibly disruptive, e Read more... >

Spray-On Touch Screens? How to Turn Any Flat Surface into a Touchpad06th June 2017

With just a can of spray paint, researchers can turn flat surfaces of any shape or size —ranging from walls to furniture to even musical instruments — into touchpads, according to a new Read more... >

The Eyebrow-Raising Way These Companies are Cutting Out Useless Emails09th May 2017

How tracking employees could boost productivity. Some companies are taking a surprising tack to cut down on overly-long meetings and time-wasting emails: tracking employees’ digital corre Read more... >

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