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Podcasts You Should Listen To in 201718th April 2017

If you want to be informed…

Reveal – Good journalism takes time. Good journalism takes values. Good journalism is hard to come by, which is why Reveal, hosted by Al Letson and produced by some of the most talented journalists in the biz out of the Center for Investigative Reporting, should be listened to by anyone who wants to see journalists speak truth to power. Start with the ever-so-relevant episode on Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon but don’t forget to dig way into the archives because they’ve been out there, microphones and notebooks out, for 64 episodes so far. (Suggested by Kendall Taggart, BuzzFeed staff)

Making Oprah – This podcast works out how Oprah became not only the biggest daytime show of all time, but also a cultural phenomenon. You get sucked into listening not just because of stories about the changing media landscape and anecdotes about the show’s most memorable episodes, but also because of the enthusiasm of the host, Jenn White. This podcast desperately needs to have more than six episodes and a couple of bonus extras. (Suggested by Scott Bryan, BuzzFeed staff)

Sawbones – Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy discuss a different medical ailment every week, and share the various (and often ill-informed) ways in which humans have attempted to treat it in the past. Episodes range from disturbing to downright hilarious. Importantly, the facts are real and the show inspires curiosity in the best way. (Suggested by Marissa Snyder, email)

Crimetown – Providence Rhode Island may not be a big place, but in it’s beautiful yawning vowels and whiplash political tales, it casts a long shadow. “This show is all about corruption and the mob in Providence and how it entered into the city’s politics. It’s enthralling,” says Adam, a colleague of ours. Presented by Zac Stuart-Pontier and Marc Smerling, Crimetown is a show that makes binge-listening fun and politics thrilling, with Rhode Island characters you know you’re only going to meet once in a lifetime (unless you live there). (Suggested by Adam Davis, BuzzFeed staff)

In the Dark – This investigative journalism podcast presented by Madeleine Baran looks into the abduction of 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling in Minnesota during the 1980s and examines why it took 27 years for someone to confess to the crime. A second season is on the way and Pamela, a reader, told us that it’s “well worth listening if you’re a fan of true crime.” (Suggested by Pamela, Facebook)

If you want a dose of culture…

Wittertainment – Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode’s show is about film, but you don’t even need to see the films being discussed that week or any week to enjoy listening to this. “This podcast is mainly two men bickering, ranting, and interrupting listener emails, with a celebrity interview thrown in,” a reader tells us. “It doesn’t take long to pick up all the in-jokes and become low-key addicted.” A joy, with a new episode every Friday. (Suggested by kirstywyllie1)

Four Finger Discount – Dando and Mitch review every episode of The Simpsons, one episode per show. You’ll be pleased to know that they’ve just made to the series’ fourth season (aka the golden age). Listen for the nostalgic references to your favourite episodes, but stay for the sheer enthusiasm and fast-paced chat between the hosts. Oh and good luck to these guys when they get past Season 13. (Suggested by katieelephant).

Métis in Space – Just because a film or a TV show is set in the future doesn’t mean it’s not setting up some hyper-westernized dynamic straight out of a Spaghetti Western. If you follow the hosts Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowel on their super-informed show, these tropes in sci-fi will reveal themselves over and over. Each episode, there are guests and jokes, as well as an unpacking of movies from Lilo and Stitch to Are You Afraid of the Dark? from a feminist Native perspective that just might change how you saw them before. (Suggested by Julia Furlan, BuzzFeed staff)

Homecoming – This is a great psychological thriller, and with only six episodes of 25 minute each, you can catch up on it in no time. It stars Amy Sedaris, David Cross, Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, and David Schwimmer, and we were told that “it has such compelling story and great acting.” (Suggested by lkatenelson)

If you want to hear great advice…

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes – Gregg Clunis’s podcasts are usually a few minutes a piece, with insightful advice on anxiety, stress, motivation, and procrastination. A reader said, “I’ve listened to a lot of ‘personal development’ podcasts, but most of them seemed to talk in platitudes and offer no real actionable advice. Tiny Leaps is the antithesis of that. Every episode has tiny steps you can take to make marginal improvements in your life, leading — dun dun dun — to big overall change.” (Suggested by seanianjacobson)

The Honest Actors’ Podcast – This isn’t just for actors who want to want to know how to get a gig. “It’s based on honest talk about the profession and often features stories of hard work, determination, and the daily struggles and questions we all have, particularly in our twenties and thirties,” reader Kerri told us. Recent episodes have included interviews with Michaela Coel and Amanda Abbington. (Suggested by Kerri, email)

Successful Dropout Podcast – If you’ve ever considered quitting higher education because it just isn’t for you, a reader recommends Kylon Gienger’s podcast. We were told by Teliah that it “features incredible young individuals/entrepreneurs from all over the world that are killing it in their area of business and are doing so WITHOUT a college degree.” The interviews are insightful and detailed. The advice is useful regardless of what you want. (Suggested by Teliahg)

The Hilarious World of Depression – John Moe interviews comedians about their mental health issues, as a way to break stigma about them. It’s weirdly reassuring hearing from people who are at the top of their game talk openly about this, proving that experiencing a mental health condition isn’t a sign of failure. Recent interviews include Andy Richter and Sam Grittner. (Suggested by saral47918101c)

Made of Human with Sofie Hagen – In each episode Hagen, a comedian, speaks to a well-known personality such as radio presenter Gemma Cairney and comic Susan Calman about how they stay human. A notable thing about this podcast is that Hagen is such a great listener and has a great skill in asking the right questions at the right time. Well worth a listen. (Suggested by Maria Ponce, email)

If you want to hear great chat…

The Adam Buxton Podcast – This show is strange, absurd, ridiculous, baffling, and utterly unpredictable. If you’re a fan of Adam Buxton, you wouldn’t expect anything else. Oh and there’s an interview each episode, recent ones being Louis Theroux, Richard Ayoade, and Michael Palin. Oh, and SONGS. (Suggested by Rebecca Hendin, BuzzFeed staff)

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People – This is literally just a show consisting of a conversation between comedian Chris Gethard and an anonymous person on the phone who has a story to tell. And that story can be anything, from escaping from a cult to the thrill of ASMR. A reader told us: “Most episodes make you laugh, others will make you cry. But regardless of the discussion, you can be certain that your attention will be held.” (Suggested by Jane, Facebook)

The Brain Candy Podcast – This breezy podcast presented by Sarah Rice and Susie Meister has got a lot of praise for their take on pop culture and science. A reader says: “These girls do an amazing job. You feel like you’re hanging out with friends, and you walk away from every episode smarter. Who wouldn’t love that!” (Suggested by megm4d303e99e)

2 Dope Queens – This WNYC podcast by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson is so accessible, honest, and personal. They are talented as hell. A colleague said: “They talk about everything from how gorgeous Jeff Goldblum is to everyday life events. They are hilarious.” (Suggested by Chantal Follins, BuzzFeed staff)

Sourced: BuzzFeed

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