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Could Lego Be the Solution to Greener Roads?07th August 2015

Engineers have designed a new road to be made out of 100% recycled material that can be snapped together like huge Lego blocks.

City of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, very well known for recycling more than half of their waste, is working with company VolkerWessles in creating PlasticRoad using waste plastic that have been excavated from the sea, then grinding it up before melting and molding it into road blocks. These blocks will contain a hollow middle in order for the pipes and electrical cables run underground without any obstructions.

VolkerWessle claims that the plastic roads are able to withstand temperatures between -40°C to 80°C and the roads are corrosion and weather damage resistant but endurance of these blocks have not yet been tested. Due to the hollow middle the structural integrity of the road blocks are still a concern as it would need to be able to support hundreds and thousands of motor vehicles a day as well as being safe to drive on in wet or slippery conditions.

VolkerWessel aims to manufacture the roads in a factory and then transported to the site to be installed where it will be pieced together thus reducing construction times.

However, the Netherlands is not the only country to think of this innovative idea. India has already been putting recycled plastic as a substitute material in their roads. This substitute has been said to be stronger and cheaper than traditional methods.

Watch the video above for the news broadcast about the success of plastic roads in India.

To visit VolkerWessels website to view their projects please click here

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