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BIG 405th July 2016

Will the Digital Big Four be as Successful in the Future?

Amazon, Apple, Facebook & Google – these four companies are dominating discussion and seem to have secured success for the long-run.

However, we all know that success and failure are never permanent and these giants may not be leading the pack of businesses forever.
In this issue we feature a video (Smart Thinking) from Scott Galloway is a Clinical Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, specialising in Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing. On top of this, he has also founded several companies and is recognised as a leading academic on the global stage.
You can tell from the video (Smart Thinking) that Galloway’s mind runs quickly, as he almost races to his next point, statistic, prediction etc. Although it can be hard to keep up, there are plenty of fascinating insights about some of the biggest companies, how they will fare in the next few years and why.

Like all predictions, Galloway backs his up with some compelling evidence. This is unsurprising considering that he is the founder of L2, a company that “benchmarks the digital performance of brands”. Rather than relying on commonly-assumed trends and potential brand bias, he uses research and insight to give some interesting and thought-provoking predictions.

Some Key Takeaways form his talk:

1. In the last five years, Amazon has not been the most innovative retailer. E-commerce still needs bricks and mortar (ie stores) to be sustainable and other companies are combining the two aspects in smarter ways.

2. Facebook has held the crown as the dominant social media platform for the past few years and have worked hard to maintain this standing through some clever tactics, mainly acquiring Instagram, which is becoming one of the fastest growing applications across the world.

3. Although they have been the most influential internet organisation, Google is losing share to other sites. With the “death” of Google + and Google glass, the company could be losing its sheen.

4. Apple may be one of the few brands that doesn’t have to worry in the next few years. The company is poised to become the first trillion-dollar brand in the world due to their mastery of luxury marketing and iconic founder.
Scott Galloway is clearly a smart thinker and it will be interesting to see how his predictions will hold in the years to come.


The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google - Who Wins/Loses (Scott Galloway, L2 Inc.) | DLD15



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