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2018 a Year of Product Innovation!!14th December 2018

2018 has been a huge year for us. A year where more than ever we have done what we do best – Innovate and Deliver.

We have launched three new products this year that are game changers for organisations – especially as they address the Future of Work.

New Horizons Transition

Investment in the 50s workforce is critical for the future success of organisations.

The Future of Work is constantly shifting the landscape of work and what it means to retire. Working longer, changing career focus and retraining are more essential to over 50s than ever before. This requires a Reframe Mindset for many employees for whom these options were never a consideration previously.

Our New Horizons Transition Programme focuses on creating career and life value for the next 20 to 30 years.  Our Workshop and One to One Coaching Programmes provide employees with the opportunity to Reframe, Explore, Discuss and Plan their next 20-30 years, focussing on the four core pillars of their Future and Retirement Planning

1. Career & Learning
2. Protecting Assets
3. Legacy, Wellbeing, Hobbies & Living
4. Family & Relationships

Manager Leader Coach

Building capacity in Team Leaders and Managers is essential for agile organisations.

Our Manager, Leader Coach Programme delivers real, practical, pragmatic results that are measurable.

Our clients see transformational results in their People Leaders as we equip them with the Toolbox, Skills and real world understanding of how to embed a Coaching Culture within their teams.

Manager Leader Coach delivers the Toolbox that enables the embedding of capability in People Leaders to enable them to have Courageous Conversations, Set Expectations, Build Communication and Listening Skills as well as develop practical and applicable Leadership and Coaching skills that transform performance.

Career Pivot Programme

Career Pivot Programme gives employees insights into how to build and maintain an agile career designed for the Future of Work while remaining resilient and committed.

As the name suggests it’s a tool that helps people Pivot in new career directions to explore career pathways and what the Future of Work means to them.

At the centre of the Career Pivot Solution is our World Leading Assessment Tool – CareerDecisionMaker. It is an online assessment that evaluates an individual’s Personality, Interests, Values and Skills

CareerDecisionMaker is the engine that drives our Career Pivot Solution. This is paired with Expert Guidance to provide a GPS of where too next for employees of all ages and stages of their careers.

The Career Pivot Programme also identifies Career Pathways within organisations which result in talent being leveraged effectively – creating committed and highly engaged employees.


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