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Building Resiliency22nd February 2017

Building employee resiliency through change has gained popularity. In the last two years our clients have shown increased in interest in running Resiliency Programmes.  As organisations get more savvy as to what Resiliency Programmes have the capacity to deliver, there is a demand for more than a static one off Workshop addressing the fundamentals of 'how to be more resilient'.

Organisations want Resiliency Training Tools that their employees can use to increase emotional resiliency in the short term but also have long term outcomes, action plans and measurable results. The major trend we have seen is Resiliency Programmes that are being offered organisation wid

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Future Trends

Hiring Trends in 201722nd February 2017

As we move into 2017, global research indicates employer budgets and hiring trends remain broadly positive. With s

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Guest Sensei

Building a Safety Culture for Improved Productivity and Competitiveness22nd February 2017

Safety is an essential aspect of any high-performing culture. It is also an indicator of overall organizational pe

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Thought Provokers

Here Are The Top Five Trends To Watch For In The Internet Of Things During 201725th January 2017

Last year was a transformative and exciting year for the Internet of Things as we saw almost every industr

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