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Michael Mankins: Time, Talent and Energy12th September 2016

In an era when capital is superabundant, time, talent and energy are the critically scarce resources for companies. Michael Mankins, a partner with Bain's Organization practice, discusses how companies can increase productivity and competitiveness by successfully managing these three key resources.

MICHAEL MANKINS: Executives of my generation were taught in business school that you essentially have to allocate capital carefully in order to generate competitive advantage. Today, that's no longer true. Capital is superabundant and cheap by historical standards. What is the determinant, though, is how you manage other scarce resources, those truly scarce resources in a

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Future Trends

iPhone 7 - how does it bode?12th September 2016

iPhone 7 Butts Heads With Galaxy Note 7 For First Time.

Is the iPhone 7 a match for th

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Guest Sensei

Going Glocal - Thinking Globally but Acting Locally12th September 2016

Think Global, Act Local is a common mantra used as the philosophical foundation of running a successful gl

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Thought Provokers

Why leaders need to be great storytellers12th September 2016

We’ve all seen them. Emotionally flat presentations. Emotionally devoid corporate mission, vision, and value

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"You can't get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good."

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